First Junior Badminton Tournament Sponsorship

Jax Foundation’s first Junior Badminton Tournament

December 26th to 29th marked an important period for the Jax Foundation, this was the time of our first junior badminton tournament. This tournament was held in Kharkiv, Ukraine and was organized by Natalia Golovkina on behalf of the Jax Foundation and with the association and sanctioning from the Badminton Federation of Ukraine.



During these three days, many tremendous matches were played and won across 15 different categories, from ages 18 and below. We expected a big turnout, but not as big as the 164 youth players who showed up and played their hearts out during this tournament. With so many different matches being played across the three days, it was a time of great effort, skill, and fortitude that was displayed by each and every player on the court.



The first-place winners of the 15 different categories are as follows:


Men Singles 2002 – Vitali Reva

Women Singles 2002 – Polina Bugrova

Men Doubles 2002 – Danilo Skrinnik, Evgen Stoloviy

Women Doubles – Polina Bugrova, Maria Stolyarenko


Men Singles 2005 – Maksim Kravchenko

Women Singles 2005 – Sofia Lavrova

Men Doubles 2005 – Andrei Grevkov, Mikhailo Politeka

Women Doubles – Anastasia Zrochina, Sofia Lavrova


Men Singles 2008 – Emil Akhurin

Women Singles 2008 – Yulia Fomina

Men Doubles 2008 – Emil Akhurin, Ulvi Guseinov

Women Doubles 2008 – Maria Aleksandrova, Yulia Fomina


Mixed Doubles 2002 – Evgen Stolviy, Evgenia Kantemir

Mixed Doubles 2005 – Fedir Turin, Melania Litvinenko

Mixed Doubles 2008 – Vladislav Kunin, Raiya Almalalha

The Jax Foundation would like to congratulate all of the winners, youth players, coaches and any participants of this tournament. We would also like to extend a special thank you to all of the organizers, it was because of their contribution that this fantastic event was able to take place.

We decided to create this event because we believe that badminton was an easy sport to encourage young players to play, that not only improved the fitness of the youth, but also mental acuity. The Jax Foundation strongly believes in the power of sports and athletics as a way to boost the confidence of youth as well as promoting opportunities for them as a path towards success and achievement.


The Jax Foundation hopes to sponsor and organize many more athletic and sporting events in the future to be able to improve the opportunities of the youth wherever needed.

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