Jax Foundation’s Badminton Tournament for the Deaf

On Friday, January 25th, 2020 the Jax Foundation held our very first tournament of the year, the Jax Foundation’s Badminton Tournament for the Deaf. This great event was held in Kyiv, Ukraine at the Grand Prix sports club and was open to all deaf professional players from around the world.

Badminton as a sport requires mental acuity of course, but
also requires sharpness of the senses, one of those being sound. To be able to
hear the sounds on the court allows players who have the ability to hear
normally an advantage to those who cannot. However, this did not stop players
from Ukraine, Czech Republic and Turkey in competing for prize totaling 75,000
UAH, donated by the Jax Foundation.

The amount of spirit and love we saw for the game that Saturday was truly inspiring. To have such passion for the game and play to such a high level despite the disadvantage was incredible! Players played their hearts out that day and that was what we, at the Jax Foundation was looking for.


The first-place winners of the 3 brackets are as follows:

Men’s Doubles

Petro Takalo (UKR) and Mikola Tsigankov (UKR)

Women’s Doubles

Karolina Chernetska and Sofia Chernomorova

Mixed Doubles

Serhii Dashchenko and Ivanna Horobets

The Jax Foundation would like to warmly congratulate the winners, as well as all participants, coaches and supporters of the event. We would also like to give a special thank you to Artem Shandibin, who was a great help in organizing the whole event.

As mentioned before, the Jax Foundation are looking to provide opportunity to youth, women and children, and so we truly believe that being able to sponsor such an event for the differently abled expands our scope. We hope for more great events in the near future and hope to see the support of communities from all around the world join us to bring opportunity to those who need it most.

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